ServiceNet - Education

ServiceNet has developed Learning management, Assessment and College ERP
platforms for the educational sector to help Institutes with their entire student journey.


Virtual Campus is an integrated learning management system providing a personalised learning environment on a robust and secure platform.


ExamBoard is an online assessment platform simplifying the entire process of assessment ina robust, secure, flexible and transparent manner.


SchoolERP is an integrated school resource management system helping schools to manage the entire student journey within the Institute and optimise the use of itsinternal resources.

VirtualCampus: Learning Management Solution

ServiceNet’s LMS, VirtualCampus, is based on the Moodle opensource platform

Students & Teachers

• Attendance Management
• Student Data Management
• Teacher Data Management

Master Courses

• Course Databank
• Course Hierarchy
• Access Control &

Content Creation

• Training Animations
• Course Presentations
• Course subject matter

Content Delivery

• Web based access
• Mobile App based access

Course Collaboration

• Online chat
• Message broadcasting
• Online teacher - student interaction

Progress Tracking

• Customised grading
• Performance History
• Awards a& Recognitions

Assignments & Tests

• Random test generation
• Intelligent test evaluation
• Assignment creation &monitoring

Practice Tests

• Random test generation
• Automated test evaluation
• Question bank management

ExamBoard: Online Assessment Platform

Random Test Generation

• Report plagiarism
• Intelligent test generation
• Question bank management
  for creating assessments on the fly

Varied Content Support

• Images
• Software Code
• Comprehension
• Mathematical Equations


• Export analytics reports
• Identify areas of strengths
• Topic wise performance trends
• Share analytics report on social media


• Time lock
• IP based security lock
• Intelligent plagiarism detection
• Private test links to prevent distribution

SchoolERP: Modules Overview

• Human resource management
• Parent information management
• Teacher information & scheduling
• Student information management
• Budgeting
• Fees Management
• Salary processing
• Expense management

• Management
• Library & Laboratory
• Hostel Management
• Transport Management

• Event Management
• Assessments & Activities
• Examination Management
• Communication (Email, SMS, Social Network)